R & D Profile

Adhering to the R&D strategy of "engaging primarily in independent research and development, supplemented by introduction and absorption; guiding industry development, and seizing the industry high ground", Novel Group has always attached great importance to technology R&D in its development, and has made industry-leading R&D achievements through rigorous R&D organization, advanced R&D equipment and enormous R&D investment


R&D Equipment:
Novel introduced the most advanced R&D equipments in the world, including various R&D equipments and testing equipments, to overcome technical bottlenecks in every aspect.


R&D Investment:
Over the last three years, Novel has made a cumulative total investment of about 20 million yuan in R&D activities. During the next five years, it plans to invest at least 100 million yuan in technological innovation and research and development. In the future, Novel will continue to invest more than 5% of sales revenue into R&D.






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