R & D

Novel group introduced lithium ion batteries professional talent, research and development technology center is composed of many highly educated engineers and rich experience. They are  electrochemical experts, 5 person doctor,master degree more than 40 person, bachelor more than 100 person,Team still in expanding to catch up with the newest technology and improving current products.
All the engineers with more than 10 years’ battery experience, master in electrochemistry. Novel group invested large money on a regular basis for the construction of research and development team,
It can make sure strong technical,to meet customer's production and RD requirements.


R&D Organization Diagram




R&D direction


Largest power at smallest volume
     Ensure safety and cycle life at the same time.


EV batteries
     Large capacity、high power and high safety.


LiFePO4 batteries
     Solar and wind energy storage
      LiFePO4 as back up power supply
      LiFePO4 electromotor and generator





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