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7050135 – 18V 10Ah Lithium-Polymer Battery

7050135 – 18V 10Ah Lithium-Polymer Battery





Nominal voltage: 18V
Charging Mode: C.C/C.V.    Constant Current/Constant Voltage
Charging Metho: Standard Charging 0.2C Fast Charging 1C  
Charging time:Standard Charging 8Hours Fast Charging 3Hours
Maximum discharging current: 3CmA
Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.75V/cell
Cycle Life: 500 cycle
Impedance: ≤ 500mΩ
Cell weight: approximate 900g
Operating Consumption Current:15uA (Max) 
Operating Temperature:Charging 0~45℃ /Discharging -20~60℃
Storage Temperature:-5℃-35℃Recommend, Storage capacity should be 40%~50% full charge capacity 
ESD Test:±4KV 




High quality Li-polymer rechargeable battery pack
High-energy density 
Light weight 
Low-internal resistance 
No memory effect and rechargeable
Longer storage life
Chargeable up to 500 or 1,000 times 
Cycle Life: 500 cycle
Built-in IC chip will prevent battery pack from over charge and over discharge and prolong battery life
Wide range of applications
Adopts special technical and materials
With the characteristic of safety, reliability and long working time
Tags, plugs, connectors and PCM/PCB are available 
Customized configurations are accepted




Portable electronics: E-bike, LCD light, emergency lighting
Backup power supply and medical device
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