32650 LiFePo4 Battery

32650 2P 8Ah battery pack

32650 2P 8Ah battery pack

32650 2P 8Ah battery pack


NO. Product Parameter Size
1 Model No. 32650 2P 3.2V 8000mAh
2 Length 32.5mm
3 Width 32.5mm
4 Height 133mm
5 Wire Definition P+ P-;  Wire No. : UL1571 AWG24#  ;  wire Length: 50mm
6 Connector Model without
Electric Parameter
NO. Item Specifications
1 Rated Capacity  8000mAh  0.2C Discharge  
2 Minimum Capacity  7900mAh  0.2C Discharge  
3 Nominal voltage 3.2V
4 Charge current               Standard Charge:0.2C  Rapid charge:0.5C
5 Standard Charging method  0.2C CC charge to3.65V/cell,then CV charge till charge current decline to ≤0.01C
6 Charging time                Standard Charging   Approx 6 hours
Rapid Charging   Approx 3 hours
7 Max. charge current       Constant Current 0.5C Constant Voltage3.65V/cell 0.01 C cut-off
8 Max. discharge current     Constant current 0.5C end voltage2.0V
9 Standard Discharge Current Constant current 0.2C end voltage2.0V/cell
10 Discharge cut-off voltage   2.0V/cell
11 Charge cut-off Voltage     3.65V/cell
12 Initial Impedance              20 
13  Weight                       Approx: 274 g
14 Operating temperature        Charging:0℃~45℃   Discharging:-20℃~50℃
15 Storage temperature            -20℃~50℃
16 Storage Humidity ≤75% RH
17 Cycle Life 3000 times
18 Applications  LED, Flashlight, digital Cameras, small power tools and so on.


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