1. Safety: Compare to the metal-shelled liquid lithium power cell, no safety problems will arise for pouch Li-ion polymer cell because the aluminum foil pouch will not explode except expand.
2. Thickness: The common liquid lithium power cell is made by forming the outer shell first, and then adding the anode and cathode. If required thickness should be less than 3.6mm, there exists a technical bottleneck. But the polymer lithium cell does not have this problem; theoretically the thinnest can be 0.6mm.
3. Weight: The polymer lithium cell is 40% lighter than the same specification of the steel can liquid lithium cell, and 20% lighter than aluminum rind liquid lithium cell.
4. Capacity: The polymer capacity is 10-15% more than the same specification steel can or aluminum rind liquid lithium cell.
5. Resistance: At present the impedance of our product can be made below 35mΩ, and this is a significant level of the battery's impedance. With the same capacity, but owing to our different design and improved impedance, the cycling time can differ by 20-50%.
6. Outline: Flexible and diversity customized design.
7. Discharge: By using a special electrolyte, the cell has a more regular discharge performance and higher discharge platform.

  • 2017-06-15



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