1. Excellent Safety: Performance: As the aluminum bluster outer package is different, in the metal-shelled liquid lithium power cell, no safety problems arise, as it can not detonate, only expand
2. Super Slim Design: suitable to all kinds of super thin electrical appliance, but liquid lithium ion will have technical bottleneck as thickness is less than 3.6mm.
3. Light Weight: The polymer lithium cell is 10-40% lighter than the same specification of the steel shell liquid lithium cell, and 5-20% lighter than aluminum shell liquid lithium cell. 
4. High Capability: The polymer capacity is 10-15% more than the same specification steel shell and aluminium shell liquid lithium cell.
5. Low Internal Resistance: At present the impedance of our products can be made below 35m, better using battery capacity. Because of the difference of impedance, the usage time can differ by 20-50% with the same.
6. Flexible Dimension: The thickness and shape can be made according to the requirements of customers. Some special shapes as arc-shape battery can also be made.
7. Excellent Discharge Performance: LIP applies gelled electrolyte with more stable discharge characteristics and higher discharge plateau.

  • 2017-06-15



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