Equipment Introduction






 X ray diffracmeter


Jude phase,test material crystal structure, calculate crystal cell parameters







Scanning electron microscope (sem),energy spectrum combination instrument

Solid material surface morphology observation and element analysis








Vickers hardness tester

Cell's case and tab metal hardness testing











Laser particle size analyzer

Anode and cathode materials are particle size distribution test









BelSorp Max

Anode and cathode materials,Conductive agent specific surface area and pore size distribution test








True density analyzer

Anode and cathode materials true density,injecting liquid batteries before the internal space volume,Diaphragm paper porosity measurement








Differential scanning calorimetry

Diaphragm paper raw and auxiliary materials such as melting boiling point,Specific heat and purity test,Exploding batteries cause analysis








Thermogravimetric Analysis

The qualitative and quantitative changes of heated material research









Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer

 Organic electrolyte composition and quantitative analysis, etc









Accelerating rate calorimeter


Thermal safety performance analysis of materials and finished products batteries









Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer

Raw materials of each element in the quantitative, trace analysis






X-ray fluorescence analyzer

Quantitative analysis of the plastic, metal, paint,flame retardants such as Cd, Cu and other elements.




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